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KASABIAN November 27, 2009

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Kasabian formed in 1999 and since then have made a name for themsleves as one of the most ferocious musicians on the block. The Brits began at an 18th birthday gig in a local rugby club and renamed themseleves after Linda Kasabian of Charles Manson’s gang. Over the last ten years they have grown from strength to strength worldwide and now dominate in the world of rock amongst the best.

The bar was jammed packed to the walls with hardcore Kasabian fans who rocked their heads off here in the Green Room Bar to Kasabian and proper rock hits all night long.

One couple couldnt help thanking the bar staff for the Kasabian themed evening. “Normally when you go to a gig you end up sitting in a bar with no atmosphere or poor music and you end up relaxing or not getting in the right mood….. then we ended up here and we almost forgot we were going to The O2!! Cant believe the evenings only just begun!!

We would like to thank all the fans of Kasabian, you made the night absolutely amazing here in The Green Room and we will be hosting another Kasabian night soon!


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