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ARCTIC MONKEYS November 26, 2009

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All joking aside, Phantom 105.2 once again graced the Green Room bar for a Soundcheck Party for the Artic Monkeys show in The O2. Boy, can they play some great music and the walls were banging here in the bar with their back to back non stop hits.


The brothers, Jonas. November 24, 2009

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Living up to our name, we were the only bar in IRELAND that showed the Jonas Brothers live show in The Green Room bar before adoring fans descended on The O2 to catch a glimpse of their heroes. Girls (and guys) queued from the wee, wee hours of the morning hoping to get to meet the boys. Our insider Green Room  reporter was lucky enough to take this picture.


Bill Bailey November 21, 2009

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What girl wouldnt bring him home to her mother?! lol…

Bill Bailey fans got a shock when they walked into the Green Room when they could enjoy a few reasonably priced pints before whilst watching and enjoying their favourite comedians best bits from his tours on your wide screen tv. Fans who came back for a beer after said Mr. Bailey was in ‘flying form’ and the show was great.

The Green Room bar is the only place to be for a pint before and after a  comedy gig in The O2…



ELTON JOHN – CANCELLED October 30, 2009

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Whats up, pussycat? October 26, 2009

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Who could resist a well oiled man like the fashionable Mr. Jones??????

All jokes aside, Tom Jones rocked the O2 and his audience was a mix of male and female fans of all ages.  The following in the bar here was a mix of young and old. Tom sang with soul and guts and made even the non-believers, believe.

Lucky fans got luckier when they strolled into the green room… a delicious concert and greatest hits awaited them and our special ‘Mr. Jones cocktail’ was almost famous by the end of the night!

Whats a Mr. Jones cocktail you say??

Well you’ll just have to come down to find out!


Fleet, Wood, Mac October 25, 2009

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Hinted at gig of the year, Fleetwood Mac ascended on the O2 Dublin with all their greatest hits, but fans ascended here frist, at The Green Room Bar.. the only bar in Dublin (and Ireland) that played the bands live shows and greatest hits all night long.

The crowd were a mix of fans young and old as their music is universally appreciated and recognised from films and TV shows.  Newspapers reported that the love / lust triangle could still be felt on stage with Stevie Nicks and Lynsie Buckingham not disapointing in on stage preformances.



Greenday anyday.. October 21, 2009

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One of the most successful rock bands in the world embarked on the O2 in full flight and we took the bull by the horns and launched an all night rock show not to be forgotton..

We were the only bar in Dublin 100% devoted to the Rock Lords and we paid homage to them in the form of non-stop hits with live concert footage showing on our wide screen TV…

Fans were thrilled with the concert and music playing and it proved to be the only pre-concert stop for Greenday fans.